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Our jail tour program has been the best way for us to reach the youth in the Jacksonville area. The tour normally runs about 90 minutes, starting from the processing area to meeting with youth offenders. They are allowed to walk into the pod area and they also see how the cells are set up. We do not want this to be a "scared straight" tour; we want it to create a conversation between the adults who cared enough to bring them and participate themselves. We believe that this type of interaction between them will help with some issues that drove the decision to come to the jail tour.

We have decided that the jail tour alone isn't enough to help create the conversations we are trying to start. This caused us to really look at what we needed to do to help our youth in conjunction with the jail tour. This is when we decided to have a Saturday Brunch the 1st Saturday after the jail tour. In times before social media and electronics took over raising our youth, we had family dinners, which were used to talk to each other.

So with all that being said, starting from January 2019, in order to get credit for taking the jail tour we are requiring the youth and a family member/mentor to attend the Saturday Brunch. If you are unable to attend the first brunch, you are welcome to attend the next brunch date in order to receive credit for the tour.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Anthony J. Stinson, Sr. 904-487-5713

Alycia Tillman 904-674-7808

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