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Thank you for your interest in our mission to make an impact on the youth in our community.

Here is a little about our community non-profit. The Anthony J. Stinson, Jr. Association for Change started in honor of Anthony J. Stinson, Jr. after he was killed in a drive by shooting on the Northwest side of Jacksonville. Anthony J. Stinson, Sr. wanted to make an impact on the community where he has lived and dedicated his life to helping the youth in Jacksonville. 


We are here to help show our youth that there is more out there beyond the zip code where they live. We take an annual spring break trip that will provide them with some educational pieces and we also fit in some fun time. These trips are totally paid for by our association. The families do not have to provide anything. 


We also do annual book bag giveaways, Thanksgiving baskets, gift cards at Christmas. We pride ourselves on being there for our families. It takes a village to raise children, so we want our families we are here to be a part of their village. 


We will help all we can, while we can, for as long as we can.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Anthony J. Stinson, Sr. 904-487-5713

Alycia Tillman 904-674-7808

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